Healthy Cooking with Wine!

Perhaps I am spoiled living here in one of the greatest wine areas in the country (Columbia Basin, Washington), but I think wine is the best way to make food healthy.  In fact, I am so much in favor of using wine to add flavor, that I started a specialty foods company, Wine Barrel Gourmet, based on healthy wine flavored foods!

The great thing about cooking with wine is that you don’t have to know much about wine at all. There are a few basics; red wine is different from white wine (obviously) and you should never use “cooking wine”. Cooking wine is basically poor quality wine with added salt.  Cook with the same wine that you serve with your meals.

Wine adds flavor when the salt, fat, and or sugar has been reduced in a dish.  So instead adding lots of butter or shortening to your meals follow some of these tips:

Poach fish in a white or light red wine. Just leave out the butter.

Toss cut up vegetables with red wine and rosemary. Roast in the oven. Delicious!

Add red wine to any red sauce. This is especially good in a marinara sauce. The wine gives the sauce a more full-bodied flavor that most people associate with a meat sauce.

Creamy soups are a definite no-no when you are trying to eat a more healthy diet. But you can get the same mouthfeel without all the fat if you make your own. Instead of using lots of butter and cream (like most recipes) use 1/3 white wine and 2/3 low-fat evaporated milk. You will get the same creaminess but not the artery clogging side effect!

Wine can be a great substitute for milk if you are lactose intolerant too! Use a sweeter white wine when making scrambled eggs instead of milk. It’s an easy way to make a pedestrian dish into a special, brunch-worthy offering!

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