Lazy Woman’s Canned Tomatoes

pastetomatoes1The tomatoes have started to ripen, so it’s back to my Home Economist and Master Food Preserver role today.  I think I have mentioned in this space before that I love tomatoes.  I love stewed tomatoes, canned tomatoes, fresh tomatoes, red tomatoes, yellow tomatoes, orange tomatoes, tomato sauce, pictures of tomatoes… well, you get the idea. But I especially love growing tomatoes. When we moved to sunny Eastern Washington from much less sunny Western Maine, the first thing I did was plant a peach tree. The second thing was plant tomatoes. The number of tomato plants has gone up and down over the years and this is a low year. I only have about 25 plants of various types. But I always grow a good number of San Marzano paste tomatoes for canning.

Even though I love to preserve my tomatoes, it doesn’t mean I love the work that comes with canning tomatoes.  One year I used the traditional method; plunging the tomatoes in boiling water, peeling and seeding them before canning. A lot of work and a lot of waste. Ever since I have followed the lazy woman’s method of canning tomatoes.

The remainder of this post has been moved to our Canning and Preserving site, Seed to Pantry. Check it out for all kinds of canning, preserving, and growing tips, hints, and recipes.


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