Red Wine BBQ “Chicken” Simmer Sauce

I love to prepare food from scratch, but sometimes don’t have the time or the inclination. I also want my food to taste good, and unfortunately most packaged mixes lack any sort of flavor – unless you call preservatives and other chemicals “flavor”. So when I use a mix, I stick to the all-natural kind. And when I develop a mix, I keep the same principles in mind. The mix has to taste good, be free of artificial flavorings and preservatives, and be easy to use. Last night I had a hankering for red wine barbeque.

Start with one Wine Barrel Gourmet Red Wine Barbeque Ragout Simmer Sauce mix.

bbqragoutCombine the mix with 1 cup of water and 1/4 cup of red wine (I used a yummy Kiona Lemberger). The package directions are to simmer the sauce until slightly thickened and then serve over chicken, beef or vegetables. However, I added Quorn brand meatless turk’y burgers to the skillet and let them soak up the flavor while the sauce cooked down.  I served it with baked sweet potatoes,  green beans, and a glass of the same Kiona Lemberger.

bbqchickenSpoon extra sauce over the burger for additional flavor.  Any meat or meat substitute could be cooked this same way. The simmer sauce mix makes a spicy/sweet French style barbeque sauce, or you could use one of the recipes included in the package (Baked Vegetable Ragout, BBQ Lentils, Red Wine Pork Tenderloins).

An elegant, delicious meal with very little work. The potato took about an hour to bake, the burger cooked for about 15 minutes.  Lots of flavor, healthy, and simple – it doesn’t get any better!

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