National Fruitcake Day

It’s National Fruitcake Day, and even though fruitcake doesn’t get much respect, somebody other than me must like them as millions are sold every holiday season. The whole key is to make a good tasting fruitcake, not a fruitcake that it better used as a hand weight.

Lemon Chardonnay Fruitcake

Last month I posted a Lemon Chardonnay Fruitcake recipe, that used our light and tangy Wine Barrel Gourmet Lemon Chardonnay Tea Cake mix as the base, and a mixture of dried and candied fruits soaked in cognac. I made the fruitcake Thanksgiving week and am happy to report that when we cut into it on Christmas Eve, it was a big hit. This year I used candied ginger along with dried apricots, raisins and pineapple. The ginger flavor permeated the whole cake. The ginger, lemon, cognac combination was excellent. Unlike some purchased fruitcakes, this one remained light with just a touch of sweetness. I will be making it again next year – maybe even to give as gifts!

So, while some people may be celebrating National Fruitcake Day by tossing their fruitcake, here at our house, we’ll be enjoying a slice of lemony-ginger fruitcake with a cup of tea.

I would love to hear about your fruitcake this year. Did you make our version or maybe use a family tradition recipe? Is there an “expert fruitcake cook” in your family? Do you have any fruitcake stories?

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  1. Amanda says:

    I tried this recipe and it was delicous! Thank you!

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