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As many of you know, I am always looking for ways  to lower my genetically high cholesterol, and to help my clients lower their cholesterol. One thing that really works for me is including more plant sterols in my diet. (See my previous post here.) But getting enough plant sterols from food alone is pretty difficult – I can only eat so much spinach! That’s why I was excited to learn about Kardea Nutrition Bars. Kardea Nutrition was started by Rob Leighton, who shares both my propensity for genetically high cholesterol and my belief that healthy food can taste good too.  Kardea  makes these delicious bars.

Kardea Nutrition Bars

One Kardea Bar provides 50% of the NIH Recommended Daily Intake for plant sterols. The bars are also a good source of fiber, (including soluable fiber – the kind that helps lower cholesterol) and protein with no trans-fat, low saturated fat, and low sodium. In other words, Kardea Bars are a great, heart healthy snack. They come in four flavors:  Lemon Ginger, Banana Nut, Chai Spice, and Cranberry Almond. All were very good, but my favorite was the Lemon Ginger. It had a good lemony flavor that lasted the whole bar with just a touch of ginger.

I really can’t say enough about the bars, from both a consumer and a nutritionist point of view. The bars are nice and chewy (I love chewy snacks) and are just sweet enough without being too sweet. The sweetness comes from healthier brown rice syrup, molasses, and evaporated cane juice. And they only have 150 calories each. As a nutritionist, I think Kardea Bars make the perfect afternoon snack. Instead of running to the vending machine for a candy bar, get a sweet “fix” with a Kardea bar. The protein will keep you going till the end of the day and you’ll be helping your heart too. Unfortunately the bars aren’t available in my area, so I will have to order them online. You can too – check out the Kardea Nutrition website here and be sure to sign up for their interesting newsletter.

We like to keep the FTC happy and thus I will reveal that the good people at Kardea Nutrition sent me the bars but I did not receive any monetary compensation.

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