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My new book has finally arrived! Homestyle Meals Made Meatless is duly printed, bound, and packed in boxes that are now interfering with all movement in the entry way. It seems like a long journey. I originally started writing this book six years ago, put it down, picked it back up, over and over. Put my nose to the grindstone this year, basically hibernated the whole month of April, and am very happy with the results. Doesn’t it look great! Winsome Design from Richland, Washington did the cover design. I can always count on them for an excellent job. Get your own copy here. The price is $15.95 and it comes with a free 2 for 1 booklet – The Meatless Pantry Checklist and Meatless Pantry Creations – Design Your Own Soup, Stir-fry, and more!

Here’s a brief run-down of what is in the book:

  • More than 100 meatless beef, chicken, pork and seafood recipes
  • Family favorite recipes made with meat substitutes
  • How to boost flavor in meatless meals
  • How to choose between the different kinds of meatless “meats”
  • “Serve with” suggestions for each recipe
  • Interesting facts and tips like Your Vegetarian Teen, How to Make a Frittata, Meatless Diet and Protein, and more
  • Vegan Recipe Index
  • Suggested Brand name meat substitutes

Some recipe photos are below:

ChickN Fricassee made with tempeh

ChickN Fricassee made with tempeh

ChickN and Noodles made with Quorn chick'n tenders

Hungarian Goulash made with Morningstar Farms Grillers Recipe Crumbles

Ham and Broccoli Bake made with Yves Meatless Deli Ham

Orange ChickN Stir-Fry made with Worthington Loma Linda Tender Bits

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  1. Jenny D says:

    congratulations on your accomplishment!

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