Weight Loss Diet for the “Real World” – Tip #3

Buy yourself a new outfit. No, not after you lose 15 pounds, or meet your goal weight or whatever. Now. Buy yourself a new outfit now, while you (we!) are still struggling to get rid of our extra padding. My reasoning is simple. It’s easier to be successful at something when we are feeling good. It’s hard to feel good when our clothes are too tight and uncomfortable.  The more uncomfortable we are (both physically and psychologically) the more unloved we feel. The more unloved we feel the easier it is to just give up on this whole healthy living/weight loss thing. So……..

Buy a new outfit. Not sweat pants or jeans. Something that will make you feel beautiful and sexy. (No, I don’t mean a garter belt and bustiere). Something that drapes softly like a swing jacket or sweater (maybe a pretty new shrug). In a  color that is especially good for you (olive or camel for me). Something that doesn’t cling but moves with you – so no spandex pants or jeggings (but maybe some yoke front Tencel slacks).  Just don’t spend too much – soon it will be in the Goodwill pile because it’s too big! I’m feeling confident about losing weight – and I ‘m going shopping to stay that way. How about you?

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Renee Pottle, an author and heart-healthy educator, loves to explore and write about the Mediterranean Diet. She blogs at SeedToPantry.com and HestiasKitchen.com.

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