A Frightening Sight – Real World Weight Loss Tip #6

Last night I unexpectedly caught a glimpse of something pretty scary, and a bit disgusting too. It was bound to happen sooner or later, and it sent me to pursue tip #6 at almost warp speed.

How are you feeling about the weight loss tips so far? Do you feel like you are on the way to a healthier and thinner lifestyle? I’ve been feeling pretty good about it myself. Lost a little bit of weight which gives me a confidence boost, managed to fit back into my old jeans (can’t button the top yet but it will come), the days are getting a little longer, the sun comes out every now and then – all in all, the first five tips (detox, avoiding gateway foods, go shopping, cucumbers and popcorn) have been good for me.  So last night I ran a bath, added the new bath salts I got for Christmas, and settled in for a relaxing soak. The phone started ringing….and ringing…..and ringing. I ignored it until my cell phone started ringing….and ringing. So I jumped out of the tub and ran into the next room to grab the phone. When we renovated the bathroom a few years ago we never got around to replacing the mirror. No such luck in my bedroom. There it was, my –  let’s just say, soft – belly. Mental visions of Santa in The Night Before Christmas competed with the Pillsbury Doughboy. So much for confidence. Which brings me to….

Tip #6 – Tone

Yes, it’s time to do some toning. I could lose 20 pounds, but it isn’t going to give me taunt abs. I am afraid exercise, or as I prefer, toning, is the best way for that to happen. Toning alone won’t necessarily lead to weight loss, but it does help us look better in our clothes, and feel better about how we look, which is what healthy living is all about anyway.  There are all kinds of ways to fit some toning exercises into a Real World Weight Loss Plan. Here are some ideas: go for a walk during your lunch break, park at the end of the parking lot when shopping, go for a quick swim, practice pilates, take up tai chi, or my favorite – yoga. I have been practicing yoga (off and on) since I was 12. In the past I took  a couple of classes, but mostly I do yoga at home in 15-20 minute intervals. Yoga is a gentle way to tone the whole body, because unlike most exercise, when it starts to hurt, you back off. So while I am not as limber as I was 40 years ago, I can still practice yoga and have my body feel great afterward. My favorite yoga regimen is Richard Hittleman’s 28 Day Yoga Plan. You can buy his book here at amazon.com. I am currently on my third copy of this book, having worn out the others.  Over the years I purchased other yoga books, but this is my favorite because the 28 days keep me motivated. It’s day 1 and I am counting on you to keep me honest – through day 28. Santa may be happy with his “bowl full of jelly,” but I find it frightening!

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