Weight Loss Diet for the “Real World” – Tip # 7

Drink mint tea. Scientific studies show that people who drink mint tea (or use peppermint in general) eat fewer calories. Apparently mint curbs snacking by decreasing appetite and helps keep us sharp. Sorry – I don’t mean mint-chocolate chip ice cream or that annual favorite, McDonald’s Shamrock Shakes. Although both contain mint (or it’s synthetic cousin) both also have way too many calories to help us lose weight! But mint tea does the job equally well – without the bloated feeling. In fact, mint also helps calm the digestive track and eases nausea.

Although it’s nice to know the science, it’s personal experience that makes the biggest difference, and mint tea works for me by reducing, or even eliminating, the late evening munchies. Plus, there is just something soothing about having a cup of tea that gives my brain time to register that I don’t want whatever fattening snack it is I am mindlessly putting in my mouth.  Two of my favorite mint teas are Stash Tea Moroccan Mint Greet Tea, which is a combination of green tea, spearmint, lemongrass and peppermint, and Republic of Tea Moroccan Mint, which is a combination of green tea and peppermint.  Green tea is known to promote weight loss itself, plus it’s full of healthy anti-oxidants, and the mint helps reduce the green tea acidity, but there are also some good peppermint herbal teas out there. So, have a cup of tea – and lose weight!

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Renee Pottle, an author and heart-healthy educator, loves to explore and write about the Mediterranean Diet. She blogs at SeedToPantry.com and HestiasKitchen.com.

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  1. Jackie says:

    Green tea is supposed to help reduce belly fat – so green and mint combined is a powerful duo!

    • Jackie, some people find plain green tea too bitter too. So drinking mint green tea is a good way to get green tea benefits while reducing the bitterness. And as you point out, a double dose of belly flattening!

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