Weight Loss Tip #10 – Start a Toothbrush Collection

Losing weight in the real world is less about eating cabbage soup for every meal or training for a marathon, and more about everyday habits we can tweak to help get rid of extra pounds. I  spent the last few weeks writing up a storm (just not here!) and fighting the munchies. For some reason, sitting in front of a computer for hours every day makes me want to mindlessly nibble. It’s a bad habit – and not a new bad habit either. Which means it’s time to start carrying a toothbrush and toothpaste with me everywhere. I’ve tried this before and it really helps. Here’s the plan – I brush my teeth:

  • after a morning break
  • after lunch
  • when I feel like eating but I’m not hungry
  • after an afternoon break

The minty toothpaste and nice, clean mouth (sorry, I sound like a TV commercial) does suppress my desire to snack. Plus, brushing your teeth helps prevent gum disease. Gum disease is closely related to heart disease. So……cleaner teeth lead to a healthier heart! Be sure to use a soft toothbrush. Medium or hard brushes will wear off tooth enamel. The little disposable toothbrushes will work too – just make sure you get the mint flavored ones.

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Renee Pottle, an author and heart-healthy educator, loves to explore and write about the Mediterranean Diet. She blogs at SeedToPantry.com and HestiasKitchen.com.

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  1. wannebechef says:

    Yep, I’ve done the same thing. Brushing your teeth right after dinner will help cure the evening munchies too!

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