Is Your Furniture Making You Fat? – Weight Loss Tip #15

Ok, so you’ve given up grande mochachinos and your favorite blue cheese dressing. You no longer even look at food that was once a cow, and you avoid office birthday parties so you won’t be seduced by fluffy pink frosting. You’ve even become reacquainted with your bicycle and pedal around the neighborhood every evening. But on your less charitable days you still feel like your belly resembles this old, tired, sofa – lumpy, no support, and spilling out of its frame. I feel your pain – I’m right there with you. The fact is – our furniture may be making us fat. How? Glad you asked.

It’s just worn out. Is there any support left to those sofa (or easy chair) cushions? When you plop down on the couch does your butt end up being lower than your knees? If so, it’s time for some new furniture (or new seat cushions at least). If we sit with no support it allows our stomachs to “relax”. Before we know it, we start looking like Santa Claus with a “bowlful of jelly.” So while a worn out sofa may not make us add pounds, it does make us look fat.

It’s just too big. This is especially true of office furniture. For some reason most office furniture seems to be designed for a six-foot man. Haven’t furniture designers noticed that lots of women work in offices too? Here’s how to check if your desk chair is too big. Sit up straight with your butt and back against the back of the chair. The seat should end just before your knees, so you can bend them easily. If the chair is too big we end up slouching – leading to that undulating Santa Claus belly again. I just purchased a new, smaller desk chair for myself. Not only am I sitting up (thus holding my stomach in a bit) but my back is feeling much better too! If your desk chair is too big, see what you can do about getting a smaller version.

It’s just too new. Yes, I know I just made the recommendation to get some new furniture. And I did that myself recently with a new desk and a new desk chair. Both are smaller than their predecessors and work better for me. But the chemical fumes for the first week were overwhelming. Chemicals used as finishes on furniture (and carpet, clothes, bedding and everything else it seems) attach themselves to our fat cells, making it more difficult to lose weight. The fumes do disipate over time, but here are two ways to speed up the process.

1. Leave the furniture in a closed room with an open window until there are no more fumes. This took over a week with my new furniture.

2. Wash everything with soap and hot water. Use a grease cutting soap to get as much of the finish off as possible.

So there you have it. While the grande mochachinos are still off the menu, you can blame at least some of that belly on your furniture. It’s a simple fix though – get rid of that old sofa and stop letting your furniture make you fat!

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