Old Fashioned Raspberry Blueberry Jam

raspberry blueberry jamThe backyard raspberry crop is finally starting to dwindle, but not before I got in another batch of jam. This time I combined the raspberries with organic blueberries from the farmer’s market. I made this same jam recipe last summer and it was a hit, with all 7 jars disappearing before the New Year.

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Renee Pottle, an author and heart-healthy educator, loves to explore and write about the Mediterranean Diet. She blogs at SeedToPantry.com and HestiasKitchen.com.

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  2. Suanne says:

    Raspberry-Peach jam is great. If I have too many raspberries, I will freeze them and then use them in late summer to make jam with peaches. This is the best jam I have ever made. Also, a close second is strawberry, raspberry, blueberry jam.

    • Suzanne, I don’t think I have ever made raspberry-peach jam although last year I did make raspberry peach syrup (yum). I also make raspberry-apricot sometimes, and it’s a family tradition to make chocolate raspberry ice cream when the raspberries are overflowing. But raspberry-peach will be on my schedule this year – and the multi-berry sounds good too! Thanks for sharing your canning ideas.

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  4. Suzanne, use some honey in stead of sugar. For example delete two portions of sugar and add one and a half portions of honey. Just made of raspberry jam w/ two cups sugar and one and a half honey (from our hives) plus six crushed cups of raspberries and juice of one lemon. Nice result.

    • John, that’s a great idea. I make plum preserves and peach butter with honey, but don’t think I have ever used it with a berry spread. I’m a little bit jealous that you “grow” your own honey! Beekeeping is one of those things on my list, but haven’t gotten to it yet.

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