More Peas Please

The peas are finally showing their heads above ground. Guess this week’s rain made a difference!

The whole family loves garden peas. I grow them every year, and few of them actually get cooked. Raw peas right off the vine become my mid-morning snack ( a good excuse to step away from the computer for a while) and are the grand-kids favorite. They enjoy picking their own right from the garden and eating as many as they can. And really, who can complain about kids eating vegetables! Sure beats over-processed baked goods.

These peas are called Lincoln and I purchase the seed every year from Cook’s Garden. Not only does this variety taste great, they are an heirloom (I like to support vegetable heirlooms as much as I can), they are prolific and have 8-10 peas in each pod, and they grow as a bush so they don’t have to be staked – perfect for lazy gardeners like me! Also, peas are pretty self-sufficient. They don’t need lots of care or fertilizer, pests usually leave them alone, and they actually improve the soil they are grown in because they are nitrogen fixers.

Depending on where you live, it’s not too late to plant peas. They do like cold weather though and won’t produce much in hot weather. It gets pretty warm here in the Mid-Columbia region, so I planted these about a month ago and they will be ready in June. When I lived in Maine, I usually planted my peas in May for a July harvest.

What about you – do you plant peas in your garden? Do you have a favorite variety?


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