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Urban homesteading is a hot topic these days. I guess years of processed foods, mystery meats, products designed to be thrown away, not repaired, and overall excess has left us all yearning to be in control of something. It warms my heart to see this trend, not just for the people and earth saving benefits, but because for the first time in my life I can be described as “hip.”

Now the fact that I used the word “hip” tells you how long it’s been since I was last “hip!” But it does feel good to think that what had previously been described as personal quirks – growing a garden, canning fresh food, making my own clothes, recyling just about everything¬† – is now a growing trend and desirable lifestyle.

So to keep me focused through the prime summer homesteading months, I am starting this weekly run-down of what is getting done in my kitchen. This week:

11 quarts of pickled asparagus (You can read more about that experience on our new site, Seed to Pantry.) 6 quarts were made using apple cider vinegar and mustard seed and 5 quarts were made with white vinegar and hot peppers.

2 lbs of candied cherries (thinking about fruitcake season!) This process will take weeks, but will hopefully be a big improvement over the neon-red kind you get at the grocery store.

1/2 liter red wine vinegar – The second time I have tried to turn my husband’s wine making experiment into something useful. It didn’t work the last time, but now I have Sandor Katz’ new book, The Art of Fermentation (it’s excellent, you should have a copy!) to guide me.

Sourdough Whole Grain Seeded Crackerbread – a preview of tomorrow’s Sourdough Saturday recipe!

So, what are you preparing in your Urban Homesteader’s kitchen this week?

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