This Week in an Urban Homesteader’s Kitchen

As I mentioned in a recent post (Chocolate Merlot Brownie Bites) the past week has been all about cherries. We hurriedly picked the Bing tree before the birds got more than their share and filled three containers with cherries. I am not sure how many cherries there are here, but it was a lot!

So the Urban Homesteader’s Kitchen and my own fingers were a lovely shade of purple for several days while I:

  • Made a batch of sweet cherry marmalade (yield – four 1/2 pint jars).
  • Made a batch of sweet cherry – lime jam (yield – four 1/2 pint jars.
  • Started another batch of homemade candied cherries (I will post the process soon!).
  • Froze 2 gallons of cherries. (Find out how on my new growing, canning, and preserving site here).
  • Started 2 pints of black cherry balsamic vinegar.
  • And our eldest grand-daughter and I made a batch of apple crisp – just for variety!

What did you create in your Urban Homesteader’s Kitchen this week?

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