Sourdough Banana Bread

sourdough banana breadWe had a hot spell a week or so ago, which meant the bananas went from nice and yellow to black and over-ripe almost overnight. I also had been on a bit of a Kamut® flour kick, and had a nice bubbling Kamut® sourdough starter just waiting to be used.

It was a perfect combination! This was, by far, the BEST banana bread I have ever had. Wonderfully moist, lots of fresh banana flavor, and just different enough to make it interesting, not boring. I hate to admit that it only lasted a few days before it was all eaten. No, the grandchildren were not visiting during those days (I say, shamefully).

The Kaumt® flour is a nice, soft whole grain. I find myself using it more and more, as I especially like the texture for any of the softer baked items like quick breads and cookies. The sourdough adds moisture and flavor, and lets us remove most of the fat that usually goes into banana bread. Plus, since the sourdough isn’t used as a leavening agent, there’s no waiting for the bread to rise. It’s baked just like any  other quick bread recipe.

You can get the recipe over on my other blog, which will be hosting most of my future sourdough posts. If you are a sourdough aficionado you may want to either sign up for that newsletter or subscribe to the blog.

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