Mediterranean Monday – Eating the Mediterranean Way

You know about the healthy Mediterranean Diet, but do you know how to eat this way every day?

The Mediterranean diet. Unless you have been living under a rock, you no doubt have heard about how healthy it is. How following the Mediterranean diet keeps you heart healthy, wards off dementia, and even cuts down on asthma.

Mediterranean Diet Basics

You may even be familiar with the basic foods of the Mediterranean diet; olive oil, lots of fresh veggies, fish, and let’s not forget wine!  But do you know how to transform the way you eat to the Mediterranean way?

The answer to that question will be here, very soon.

Mediterranean Cooking

I have been teaching Mediterranean cooking and the Mediterranean diet for many years now. The class participants are always happy to make Spanish tortas, French salads, Greek pies, and Italian pasta dishes. They leave class with recipes and techniques for tasty new appetizers and entrees. They have a better understanding of the healthy how and why of eating the Mediterranean way. But what they really want, and haven’t had until now, is a step-by-step method for following a Mediterranean diet every day.

Eating The Mediterranean Way – Every Day

For the last few months I have been putting together exactly that. Soon, we will unveil a monthly Mediterranean plan that includes recipes, tips, snack suggestions, easy weeknight dinner ideas, Mediterranean pantry ideas, new Mediterranean foods and how to use them, Mediterranean cooking techniques, Mediterranean food product reviews and recommendations, healthy Mediterranean diet details, and an eat this – not that approach to changing your diet.

All this will roll-out soon! Sign up for our newsletter to make sure you receive notice! Before you know it, you’ll be eating the Mediterranean way every day.

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