Mediterranean Monday – Make Your Own Mebrillo

Membrillo, or quince paste, is a familiar taste treat in Spain.


Last night was Spanish “dinner” night in our house. We had beautiful lemon brined olives, almonds, little pan-fried squashes, and this beautiful homemade quince paste served with Manchego cheese.

By itself, the quince paste is rich and delicious. But thinly sliced and served over cheese it’s more than good. The cheese cuts some of the richness of the paste, while the paste enhances the cheese even more.

Quince paste isn’t all that common here in the US. If you can find it, it usually isn’t inexpensive. But if you know someone who has a quince tree, you can make your own paste from just a few of the fruits. It is a pretty easy process. You can find my Quince Paste Recipe over on our Seed to Pantry blog. Enjoy!

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