renee pottle

Renee Pottle

After years of working in the medical, education and non-profit worlds I decided to chuck it all and “follow my bliss.”  I wanted to continue helping people, but wasn’t crazy about the traditional 9-5, 2 week vacation schedule.

The journey has had a few bumps but it hasn’t been boring! Along the way I developed recipes for Pillsbury Fast and Healthy Magazine, founded, ran, and sold a healthy gourmet foods company, and worked as both a wellness coach and a small business start-up coach. Those experiences, plus my quest to outwit my family history of heart disease and my academic backgrounds in science and home economics, led me to what promises to be my best re-invention yet; a nutrition educator specializing in heart health and the Mediterranean Diet and the author of several cookbooks.

I believe that dinner should be easy to prepare, healthy, and delicious (also meatless for me personally) and am passionate that we shouldn’t have to give up one of these features for another. Welcome along as we explore Mediterranean delicacies, wine, and heart healthy living.

Note: Many of posts found here were originally published on my older blog, Wine Barrel Gourmet.

2015 Update: “The best laid schemes o’ mice an’ men often go awry.” Robert Burns

My work has taken off in an unexpected direction that leaves little time for nutrition education. I will continue to add to this blog since I live the Mediterranean diet. I will slowly be moving all the sourdough and canning posts over to my other blog, Seed to Pantry. Be sure to visit there too. And I have a new, exciting, food business project debuting later this year. Watch for it!