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red wine cheese balls

Savory Red Wine Cheese Ball Recipe

Red wine plus cream cheese equals an easy recipe, perfect as a hostess gift or holiday appetizer. ¬† Last month I taught a Holiday Gifts from the Kitchen class using recipes from my book of the same name, plus a few extra recipes. It sold out weeks before the class, so I offered an encore […]

cooking with red wine

Cooking with Red Wine: Tips

Do you enjoy the occasional glass of red wine? It is well known that wine, in moderation, is beneficial to heart health. But did you know that cooking with wine also provides many health (and taste!) benefits? Wine can be used to provide flavor instead of excess salt, sugar or fat. You don’t have to […]

black lentils

Savory Black Lentil Side Dish

Lentils have to be one of the most perfect foods. They come in a variety of colors and textures, they are easy to store and will last forever on the shelf, they cook much more quickly than other dried legumes making them a good last minute dinner choice, and they are a great source of […]

healthy lemon raspberry cupcakes

Raspberry Lemon Chardonnay Mini-Cupcakes

As someone who loves summer, I am sad to see it end. While I can appreciate what others see in autumn, to me there’s nothing quite like the long hot days of July and the August fruit harvest. But all good things must come to an end, and that includes the backyard raspberries. I did […]

Chocolate Merlot Brownie Bites

Chocolate Merlot Brownie Bites

The cherries are ripe and ready to pick, and it’s a race to see who can get them first, me or the birds. So far, I am holding my own, and the kitchen shows it. I have cherries everywhere and have become like the crazy zucchini lady who¬†surreptitiously slips unrequested fruit into your purse. Just […]

Country Cacciatore Red Wine Sauce

Country Cacciatore Red Wine Sauce

Sauces, while really not all that difficult to make from scratch, often intimidate even the most experienced home cook. Perhaps it’s because the store shelves are stocked with every kind of bottled or canned sauce you can imagine, tricking us into thinking that we could never come up with anything so creative. Sadly though, when […]

Soup for Supper - Red Wine Minestrone

Soup for Supper – Red Wine Minestrone

When I was a kid, Minestrone was an elegant dish, something you would find in a restaurant – at least in rural Maine. That probably gives you some ides just how old I am! These days Minestrone is as common as vegetable soup, with just as many variations. And like vegetable soup, everyone seems to […]

Soup for Supper - Red Wine Barley Lentil Soup

Soup for Supper – Red Wine Barley Lentil Soup

Yesterday was a cold, damp day and this soup hit the spot. As promised, this recipe is the homemade version of Wine Barrel Gourmet line. These soup recipes are vegetarian (although lots of people tell me they add sausage or cooked chicken to this particular soup) and have a lot less salt than any soup […]

Soup for Supper - Vegetarian Red Wine Split Pea Soup

Soup for Supper – Vegetarian Red Wine Split Pea Soup

Like most kids, I grew up avoiding split pea soup. A big bowl of salty, over-cooked, olive-green puree serves as Exhibit A for every tasteless cafeteria meal I’ve ever been served. But as an adult I LOVE split pea soup, and really – what’s not to love? Split peas are inexpensive, really healthy, and quick […]

Bowl of Red Wine Lentil Soup

Soup for Supper – Red Wine Lentil Soup Recipe

When cold, stormy, winter days hit (like this week here in the Northwest) my inner soup maker revs into high gear. Cold weather means soup, and since almost all packaged soups are full of salt, or over processed, or are based on meat broths, I make soup from scratch. Once you get the basics down […]

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